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Hello fellow educators,

I just thought I would write a little about why I have created this community.

I am currently a 2nd Year student at Uni SA Studying a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, after some discussion with my peers I realised that I wasn't the only one panicking about going out to the work force in 3 years time. We discussed how we don't feel that we are really learning how to teach and that we are just being taught how to be politically correct.

We understand that prac placements are for "learning how to teach" but we didn't feel like this we enough. We know that SACSA is the curriculum that we have to follow but at this point we're not sure if we get taught how to read that document. Were also aware how broad the terms are in there and were worried that even by following it we may do the children in our care injustice and not teach them all they need to know whilst in our care.

I have created this community for student teachers and teachers alike to post questions and answers ideas and lesson plans that work well to help get the best for the children of South Australia and Australia. Please remember to give as well as take, no ideas are stupid (and your virtually anonymous on here anyway)

Please keep this an open minded forum to discuss any teaching queries and ideas and you never know you may get some great ideas.

Thanks everyone and please enjoy!

*Please when you join leave us a post to tell us a bit about yourself what age group you teach, how long you've been teaching and subjects if specific, or if you are a student teacher tell us what course you are studying and what year you are in at Uni*
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