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Subject Overload

Ok so this community is taking a little to get up and running...please spread the word, the more people the more active and benifical this community will be for all.

To the topic

In yesterday's paper there was an article regarding the overloaded curriculum in primary schools, I was just wondering what the general thoughts on this are. Should we be expected to teach children things like ethics? Nutrition? and other types of subjects that were usually taught at home. Are we now cutting the school day to fine. We know children need at least an hour to become actively engaged in play how do we split the 8 curriculum areas up in a week when we need at least a 1 block hour at a time for each?

The article I'm referring to is in Saturday's Advertiser on pg 44 headlining 'Lessons Galore- too little time I tried to find the article online but couldnt find it.
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